Logo design and brand development, naming, taglines, style and usage guides and corporate ID solutions. As well as brand upgrade and consolidation for logos and identiy that are old or have lost focus.

Logo Designs

Herein you will find selected logos that we have done. We work with you to determine the style you want, then go from rough sketch form, all the way to full special effects.

Have an old logo that needs fixing up? We also do logo repair. We can take your older, out-dated logo and bring it right up into the 21st century.

  1. Doughgirl
  2. Platinum Studios
  3. MGI Communications
  4. Gene Autry Centennial
  5. The Foundation Works
  6. Mold Check Professionals
  7. Women’s Intuition
  8. Rapid Clean
  9. EcoWater Industries, LLC
  10. Sewerline Check Professionals
  11. Counter Spy
  12. ExpansionNet
  13. Network Security Inspector
  14. The Comic Book Challenge
  15. Verité Advisors
  16. Stout Systems Development
  17. The Way to Happiness eCards
  18. Wireless WebConnect
  19. Richard Monroe
  20. InkTip
  21. InkTip Pro
  22. Hollander Management
  23. CalComm
  24. Webworld Technologies
  25. Key Notes
  26. Brant Rose Agency
  27. AutoPilot
  28. Fortune Entertainment
  29. Loma Linda Optometry
  30. EES, Inc.
  31. Intelegrated Communications
  32. Rush Freight Systems
  33. Virtual Admin
  34. The Body Shapers
  35. TalkToGov.com
  36. FTSI
  37. The Gluck Method
  38. Project 30
  39. Pipe Dream Events
  40. Rekon 2005
  41. DokTrak 2005