Ad Absurdum

Everyone has asked themselves, “Who are the marketing geniuses who thought this one up?” Well, we present here some of the more unusual and alarming moments in advertising history.

Strange Bedfellows

Posted March 8, 2017, under Ad Absurdum

A widely known aphorism about advertising is that “sex sells.” It’s one of those “everyone knows” things, and has been since pretty much the dawn of advertising.


Posted October 12, 2016, under Ad Absurdum

It takes a lot to stand out as an advertiser. This has always been the case — and never more …

It’s Cool Inside

Posted July 13, 2016, under Ad Absurdum

Summer’s here, and in a year that’s already the hottest on record worldwide, it’s a beast. It’s times like this …

Hairy Charity

Posted November 4, 2015, under Ad Absurdum

Here at Rigney Graphics, we cultivate an attitude of silly professionalism. The Lunch Meat itself is ample evidence of our …

Bone-Chilling Brand Blunders

Posted October 14, 2015, under Ad Absurdum

Between the Internet giving everyone a voice and increased regulatory attention, it is easier than ever to effectively call attention …


Posted June 16, 2015, under Ad Absurdum

For decades, “tentpole” or “blockbuster” films have been a staple of summer — since the late 1970s with the release …


Posted January 14, 2015, under Ad Absurdum

*For anyone not familiar with photography terms, “F-Stop” refers to a setting on a camera that regulates how much light …

The Vizzini Effect

Posted November 12, 2014, under Ad Absurdum

For anyone who needs a reminder, “Vizzini” was the guy in The Princess Bride (1987) whose “inconceivable” verbal tic lead …

Tricky Treats

Posted October 8, 2014, under Ad Absurdum

Of all the Halloween-related activities and indulgences, there is only one that has truly remained in the province of children: …

Wine of the Bean

Posted September 17, 2014, under Ad Absurdum

Coffee is so universally loved by humanity that the person said to have invented it was made a saint. It’s …


Posted September 15, 2010, under Ad Absurdum, Gee Whillickers!, Legacy

Gee Whillickers! Too Much Too Soon In 1964, the Bell System introduced the Picturephone, asserting that it was “a logical …

Game Over

Posted March 15, 2007, under Ad Absurdum, Gee Whillickers!, Inspired Ideas, Legacy

Button thumb, gamer’s wrist, hand blisters, stare burn, numb butt – all afflictions that the seasoned video game player knows all too well.


Posted September 15, 2005, under Ad Absurdum, Gee Whillickers!, Gosh, That's Handy!, Inspired Ideas, Legacy

Gosh, That’s Handy! Advanced Whitening Formula Sometimes a smile lights up a room. And sometimes an improperly lit room makes …


Posted June 15, 2005, under Ad Absurdum, Gee Whillickers!, Inspired Ideas, Legacy, Spokescritters

Spokescritters! Twinkie the Kid Conceived in 1971, Twinkie the Kid, spokes-sidekick for the golden-yellow snack cake. Well, we all know …


Posted November 15, 2004, under Ad Absurdum, Gee Whillickers!, Gosh, That's Handy!, Legacy

Gee Whillickers! To Smell or Not to Smell? In the early 1900s, ad men were really aiming their guns at …

Psychic 8 Ball

Posted November 5, 2003, under Ad Absurdum, Gee Whillickers!, Gosh, That's Handy!, Legacy, Spokescritters

Spokescritters! Smokey Bear From the editors: Talk about paranormal! We selected Smokey for our Spokescritters feature well over a month …

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