Any discipline or field has its own specialized lingo, and the graphic arts are certainly no exception! But you don’t need a Rosetta stone to speak our language; we’re happy to translate.

The Hidden Art of Composition

Posted February 4, 2017, under Vocabularama

Unless they’re in “the business,” most people probably don’t think about the arrangement of an image or shot. But consciously …

Words to Read By

Posted March 18, 2015, under Vocabularama

Typography is a field that has a surprising amount of odd terminology. PS: If you like knowing the names of …

Words to Internet By

Posted March 11, 2015, under Vocabularama

With the rabbit-like proliferation of smartphones and tablets, the day of the desktop computer is waning — and nowhere more …

Words to Design By

Posted March 4, 2015, under Vocabularama

As you may have noticed, the Lunch Meat has departments — you can see them at right. Clicking on those …


Posted July 15, 2007, under Gee Whillickers!, Legacy, Vocabularama

Gee Whillickers! Betty Crocker: The Original Martha Stewart Let’s start off with the not fully known fact that Betty Crocker …


Posted July 15, 2005, under Gee Whillickers!, Inspired Ideas, Legacy, Vocabularama

Gee Whillickers! Newspaper and Twain For a time in his life, Mark Twain was the editor of a small Missouri …


Posted December 11, 2002, under Gee Whillickers!, Legacy, Vocabularama

It’s that time of year again—the season of ads with talking giraffes, celebrities chatting about consumer products and the perennial appearance of Santa in an unusual or embarassing situation.

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