Rigney Graphics - Pasadena

For more than 35 years, Rigney Graphics has provided graphic design and marketing materials for businesses and individuals throughout Southern California and across the United States. Currently, we have more than 400 loyal clients who regularly use our services.


The company started out when typesetting and graphic design materials were produced using somewhat primitive technologies as compared with today’s computer-driven digital design. Our adherence to fundamental design and typographic principles learned in these early years, coupled with continuous updating of our knowledge of the expanding digital technologies, has resulted in designs which are highly aesthetic and which get results for our clients.

Long-term Relationships

We are aware of the fact that we are only in business to enhance the communications of our clients. Our ability to satisfy the needs of our clients has resulted in hundreds of long-term relationships. In fact, we still provide marketing materials for the first two clients who began with us in 1982.

Superior Products & Service

The basic principle of the organization is that we are in business to provide our clients with the highest quality designs executed in the most cost-effective manner possible with an additional emphasis on speed of service.