It’s Cool Inside

Posted July 13, 2016, under Ad Absurdum

Summer’s here, and in a year that’s already the hottest on record worldwide, it’s a beast.

It’s times like this that we turn to our friends at Vintage Ads to find out what our forebears did to keep cool. And since we know all too well how triple-digit heat saps the will to live, much less read, we’ll keep this clean and simple.

First, they asked the important questions:

Then they rigorously tested their premise, in a variety of settings and activities:

…And made sure emergencies were accounted for.

Once the environment was under control, it was time to kick back with some cool treats.

Whoops, no. Sorry. We misread that.

Maybe it’s better to stick with time-honored, healthy classics.

(There is a proud history of extravagant claims about ice cream.)

Or maybe you prefer some refreshing carbonation with your frozen dairy.

As befitting Men of Action with their unexplained shiners.

After all, everyone knows that soft drinks bring in the best folks.

Of course, there are some who prefer sterner stuff. For health reasons. Or something.

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

Just be careful what you have out in the open. You never know what kind of characters you might attract.

However you manage it, keep cool out there!

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