Posted January 14, 2015, under Ad Absurdum

*For anyone not familiar with photography terms, “F-Stop” refers to a setting on a camera that regulates how much light enters the lens. As for “WTF,” we think probably everyone already knows what that means.

Let’s make something clear up front: We totally support the goals and efforts of artists everywhere*. Efforts to communicate in new and interesting ways are always welcome, and we applaud all those brave enough to put themselves out there.

That said, some people either need to get better training, or else a restraining order from ever using Photoshop again.

*Including makeup artists, martial artists, and sandwich artists. Does not include pick-up artists or con artists.

Speak for Themselves

Because they are, after all, images, we don’t really need to say much about these. The pixel abuse is pretty glaring in all of the following examples.

(We got most of these from PSDisasters, which we welcome you to check out to hone your eye for this sort of thing.)


Taking aim at some specific folks, however: Target, a multi-billion-dollar corporation, apparently couldn’t find competent graphic artists early last year.

The poorly ‘shopped image caught the national eye, and was further bolstered by an Ellen DeGeneres stunt that brought home the absurdity of common fashion body modifications.

North Korea

Before North Korea was famous for allegedly hacking a Japanese company to prevent the release of an American film, it was taking flak for its media department releasing a slew of poorly Photoshopped propaganda images.

We showed you this example in our earlier article, but here are some more.

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: Don’t be North Korea.

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