February’s Other Special Days

Posted February 4, 2015, under Gee Whillickers!

Congratulations to us all for making it through the first month of 2015! And now it’s February. So that’s happening.

But look, it’s not all bad. February isn’t just about chocolate, stuffed animals and overabundant pink and red hearts. There’s more to it than frantic florist runs or panicky clicks of Amazon’s “next-day shipping” button. The greatness that is February far surpasses the bloated expectations of significant others.

These other special days and observances need ad campaigns to bring them greater public awareness.

Monthly Observances

First of all, Valentine’s Day is just one day. It doesn’t seem fair that from a Marketing perspective, it overshadows that February is also Black History Month, American Heart Month, and… Canned Food Month? Seriously?

Seriously. For… some reason.

Sure, Valentine’s could link up in a cross promotion with February’s role as National Wedding Month and Creative Romance Month — but to us it is far more interesting that February is also somehow simultaneously National Cherry Month, National Great American Pie Month, and National Children’s Dental Hygiene Month.

The obvious thing to do is a promo campaign featuring the American Dental Association’s Spokescritter (previously featured) entering a pie-eating contest. With cherry pies.

The Other Special Days (Week One)

February 1

Obviously all Special Days are not created equal. Commemorating the ratification of what became the 13th Amendment would seem a more socially significant observation than snakes or fancy desserts, so you don’t want to make it a competition. Also, any treatment of slavery has to be given a delicate touch.

“Serpent Day” doesn’t really get much overlap with the other ones, but we’d expect zoos and pet stores to go to town with this.

February 2

One of these got a classic movie with a terrible poster; the other is a dessert that we hadn’t even heard of. Together they make… a decent evening at home?

The actual Groundhog Day is, of course, the only other holiday in this month that gets anywhere near the media attention as Valentine’s Day, because it pleases even otherwise rational people to foster the notion that a rodent is psychic.

Screengrab from Yahoo News

February 3

Okay, thanks for getting morbid, calendar. At least we know what to eat while we mourn the deaths of some mid-1950s entertainers, but we’re going to pass on a campaign for February 3rd.

February 4

Even our calendar source has no idea what’s up with Create a Vacuum Day, but this is one day you would not want to combine observances. That’s the campaign: Do not thank your mailman by turning him into a vacuum.

February 5

February 5th may also be difficult, unless you are “special friends” with a weatherperson. Or maybe just share a gym with one? We’re not sure how to do that without breaking the cardinal “Do Not Make Eye Contact” rule of public showers.

Jokes aside, “Shower with a Friend” already does have a marketing presence, much of which is predictably raunchy. Given the slogan’s intent is water conservation, this is especially popular in environmentalist circles.

February 6

Lame Duck Day is when you “recognize and celebrate elected officials leaving office.” Good luck getting off work for this, unless you’re already in politics. We’re taking a pass on Lame Day. The only people who would care about it are the folks who would celebrate it regardless.

February 7

This is a no-brainer: Italian restaurants should encourage people to send their friends a gift card! The gift card should definitely feature a photo of fettuccine Alfredo.

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