Haunted Couture

Posted October 9, 2013, under Gee Whillickers!

Putting together or buying a costume is a huge part of the fun of Halloween, for children and adults alike.

We used to think that it wears off at some point, but have since learned differently.

Topical costumes have been a staple of Halloween stores for years. Recent (often tasteless) offerings include: Lady Gaga, Crazy Charlie Sheen, and the entire cast of Jersey Shore. The costumes’ success can be dubious at best; back in 2008, everyone thought there would be a Heath Ledger Joker on every corner, so few actually did it.

Even though a Joker on every corner would have been awesome.

This year, our research indicates they’ve struck gold with a VMA-performance Miley Cyrus costume that they can’t keep on the shelves. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, please enjoy your blissful ignorance — but it probably won’t survive Halloween.

Our suggestion: Skip pop culture. Hit the haunted streets flaunting your love of print and web design!

You Know You Want To

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Our favorite:

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Girl

If you’re having difficulty figuring out your group costume, how about the Process Colors?

And finally, because pumpkin carving is most of the rest of the fun of Halloween, we leave you with this.