Lighter Disasters

Posted October 21, 2015, under Gee Whillickers!

So, the last few Lunch Meats have actually been pretty grim, despite our being able to wring a few jokes out of the subject matter. We decided that we’d make up for that in this, our last October article.

The disasters that follow may have gotten someone fired, but it’s hardly on the scale of nationwide embarrassment/outrage, or actual lives on the line.

Hey, we said it’s not nationwide embarrassment.

We went over to Cake Wrecks and selected some of our favorite Halloween-themed culinary crises. While this would seem to not have much to do with our normal subject matter, these are designs. Just a completely different medium than what we normally cover.

…and with dubious execution.

Some of these would certainly give us nightmares. So in a sense they do achieve Halloween greatness.

Seriously, what the hell is going on here? I mean, if they’d given it one eye, they could’ve passed it off as Franken-Turanga Morris from Futurama. As it is, it makes Dr. Frankenstein look like his grasp of anatomy has slipped along with his sanity.

Brought to you by someone who doesn’t understand how hands work.

Emoji vampire spider. It’ll catch on, you watch.

Maybe their wedding was Carrie-themed.

Now, of course, these are all attempts at greatness. Few people aspire to mediocrity or outright lousiness. In researching these, we discovered that it’s possible to do some insane things with baked goods and icing. This was news to some of us, and as we like to end on a positive note: Feast your eyes on these works of art that we can’t even believe are actually cakes.

To see more, and find the artists behind these, go here.

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