Posted June 4, 2014, under Gee Whillickers!

This month marks one year since we started delivering weekly Lunch Meats! To commemorate this milestone, we thought it apt to talk about the Lunch Meat itself.


The first Lunch Meat on record was put forth into the world on April 25th, 2002. Here’s what that looked like:


It was basically an ad for Rigney services — a valid enough thing, but hardly the quirky commentary on the design world that we have all come to know and love. Like any self-respecting processed food product, the Lunch Meat is a composite of many different things. Over the years, departments emerged:

Gee Whillickers!

1 first gee

Entertaining or edifying stories and musings on the marketing, branding, design, technology and pretty much anything else we can fit in. This is sort of the default, catch-all department, and as such was the first to be named.


2 first vocabularama

This was the next department out of the grinder, because any discipline or field has its own specialized lingo, and the graphic arts are certainly no exception! But you don’t need a Rosetta stone to speak our language; we’re happy to translate.

Gosh, That’s Handy!

3 first gosh

Along similar lines, this department offers a look behind the curtain of graphic design, giving some insight into the work that we do to make our clients look good.

Ad Absurdum

4 first absurdum

Everyone has asked themselves, “Who are the marketing geniuses who thought this one up?” With this department, we present some of the more unusual and alarming moments in advertising history. Starting with Sea Monkeys!


5 first spokescritters

This department came about because we’ve all got a soft spot in our hearts for the mascots of brands. Here’s a look at some of the best (or worst) uses of anthropomorphic food, objects, and the entire animal kingdom in branding.

Inspired Ideas

6 first inspired

Coming along quite some time later, Inspired Ideas started out being one thing (showing evolutions of logos) to taking a look at some questionable design choices: seems some ideas are so good they can’t happen just once — apparently even if they’re not very good.

The Dark Time of Hiatus

In its original run, Lunch Meats didn’t really have a fixed schedule. They’d come out more or less at random, averaging once every two or three months. Then the father of the Lunch Meat became a literal father (again), and anyone who has had a younger sibling knows what that means: Lunch Meat was neglected in favor of the new arrival. It was the Dark Time of Hiatus, and for a few years the world struggled to accept the new, Lunch Meat-free reality.

Triumphant Return

When the Lunch Meat returned, it was with a look at superheroes in advertising! Which was appropriate because with its return, we once again can save our readers from the terrible agony of not having anything to read over lunch. Since then, we’ve been hard at work, saving you every Wednesday with the Lunch Meat, and throughout the week with our graphic design services, including magazines, postcards, banners, websites, emails, and much, much more.

In a way, that last paragraph brings us full-circle to the first Lunch Meat.

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