Scary Thoughts

Posted October 1, 2014, under Gee Whillickers!

As the spooky season rolls around once more, we can expect to hear people bemoaning the oversexualization of adult Halloween costumes.

Someone thought it would be a good idea to make a “sexy clownfish” costume. Because Finding Nemo was a big hit. A. Sexy. Clownfish.

We’ve all heard the snark and smack talk, the “Jeez, kids these days” with heavily implied head-shaking. But the truth is, getting sexy for Halloween didn’t start with the “kids these days.”

We Learned It from Watching You

These ads pretty much span the 20th century. Click to embiggen, feast your eyes and let the realization sink in that the seeds of Halloween objectification were sown by our grandparents. Hell, by our great-grandparents.

Those are relatively tame, but if humanity is good at anything, it’s escalation.

It took us several seconds to recognize the machine in the background as a primitive Internet device.

Classy vs. Trashy

We have demonstrated that sex has been selling since the 1920s (well, since the dawn of time, to be honest), and the present-day observances are part of a long if not proud tradition. But we will concede that even the streaking ghost girl above is a lot classier than sexy pet costumes.

You thought we were joking.

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