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Again with the Boughs of Holly

Posted December 10, 2014, under Inspired Ideas

Holidays are celebrations of specific things, so sometimes coming up with a unique way to advertise during the holiday season can be challenging.

Faux Fir

In last week’s Lunch Meat, we coined the phrase “faux fir” for fake yuletide trees and boughs. We liked it so much, we’re using it again — not unlike like these advertisers, who’ve used this most recognizable of holiday decorations in their advertising.

Basically anything triangular is fair game to suggest a tree. Our research even turned up an ad where Playboy magazine got into the act — but since we try to keep things G-rated around here, how about those roads?

Car companies love Christmas trees. Good thing both VW and Mercedes have electric vehicles, or one might think them a little hypocritical.

Under the Tree

We all know the true meaning of Christmas is presents, which is why advertising for the holiday begins earlier every year.

Courtesy: Kind of Normal

Of course, before you get the gifts, one needs to collect the wish lists — as capitalized on by these advertisers back in the day.

There is a surprising paucity of ads featuring wrapped gifts, aside from department stores trumpeting sales. But even they couldn’t let the gifts stand on their own. They had to also have the tree.

It’s a tree made of gifts. This is dividing by zero, Christmas edition.

This apparently seemed like a good idea to the jolly folks at Absolut Vodka — although they, of course, had a different object to ape.

The only other notable gift-related ad we found, while clever, actually leads us into Spokescritter territory. So consider this a little preview for next week:

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