Twinkie the Kid

Conceived in 1971, Twinkie the Kid, spokes-sidekick for the golden-yellow snack cake.

Well, we all know he owns a magic lasso which he uses to defend the snack cake surplus of Planet Twinkie from bandits and vandals. And that he has three cream-filling birthmarks. But, let’s look past the spongy, golden surface, deeper into the cream-filled history of this little feller.

In 1930, a bakery manager for Hostess® created the world’s first golden snack-cake Twinkie, though originally with a banana cream filling. He was inspired by a billboard ad for Twinkle Toe shoes.

Twinkle Toe shoes

Oddly, World War II created a banana shortage and so the filling one bites into today is vanilla creme.

Twinkie the Kid is presently responsible for protecting the 500 million plus Twinkies that Hostess makes each year.

Ad Absurdum!

JAD Salts

Oh, to be a flapper. With the help of modern science, within no time at all, shallow men with well-oiled hair could be sidling up to your new waif-like figure. Just drink JAD and make two small changes in your diet: 1) eat anything you desire so long as it isn’t blue, 2) regurgitate it immediately.

Reduce Your Flesh

Circa 1950
WHAT!?! As far as marketing terms go, “flesh” was retired a long time ago (probably way before even this ad). So, don’t hold your breath for taglines like: “Regain the soft flesh of youth,” “Live and lose flesh,” or “Flesh surplus?”

Inspired Ideas!

Skinny Label Ads

1998: Hellmann’s Mayonnaise (Best Foods on the West Coast). Announcing their Light product to the consumer market.

After a while, it’s hard to keep track of who is inspiring whom.

2001: Announcing Viladrau
2003: Announcing Orangina Light
2004: Announcing Joya Cola
2004: Announcing Diet Pepsi