Gee Whillickers!

Focus Rock Group

The band Bon Jovi once created 30 test songs with professional songwriter Desmond Child. The tunes were performed for focus groups comprised of New York teens. After analyzing the research data, an album was sequenced, pressed, packaged and released to the public in 1986.

So what was the album? Slippery When Wet, which featured the smash singles “You Give Love a Bad Name,” “Livin’ on a Prayer,” and “Wanted Dead or Alive.” Desmond Child went on to work with such artists as Aerosmith, Cher, Roxette, Chicago, Alice Cooper, and others. Bon Jovi, of course, has made a lot more albums.

Commercial Label?

In the late ’80s, Capitol Records attempted to boost the mainstream sales of the opera “Lakme,” composed by Leo Delibes (1836-1891)—noted for such melodic orchestral works as the ballets Coppelia (1870) and Sylvia (1876). They did this by adding an unusual sticker to the classical recording’s packaging, which read “Includes the Flower Duet from the British Airways TV Commercial.” The French composer is probably still rolling over in his grave.

And Now a Song from Our Sponsor

According to AdAge, the Top 10 Jingles of the Century, were:

  1. You deserve a break today (McDonalds).
  2. Be all that you can be (U.S. Army).
  3. Pepsi Cola Hits the Spot (Pepsi Cola).
  4. M’m, M’m good (Campbell Soup).
  5. See the USA in your Chevrolet (GM).
  6. I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener (Oscar Meyer).
  7. Double your pleasure, double your fun (Wrigley’s Doublemint gum).
  8. Winston tastes good like a cigarette should (Winston).
  9. It’s the Real Thing (Coca Cola).
  10. Brylcreem– A little dab’ll do ya.

Remember tappin’ your toes to all those? No? Well, some of these jingles are so old you may not have heard them. But, these were the selections of the prestigious and respected trade publication Advertising Age (, which we hope is also very appreciative of free advertising and a link to their site.

Ad Absurdum!

Lyon & Healy Musical Instruments
circa 1950

In the wonderful world of advertising you don’t need things like exercise to lose weight, good aim to hunt or even musical talent and skill to play a musical instrument—as long as you’ve got the right product!

You see, there exist products that are so good (apparently) that they can make you a master of something without talent, experience skill or intellect. Having a celebrity endorsement to help clinch the deal doesn’t hurt either.

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Milton Sills was a famed Broadway and silver screen actor of the early 1900s.