Gosh, That’s Handy!

Advanced Whitening Formula

Sometimes a smile lights up a room. And sometimes an improperly lit room makes a photographed smile look like it has lit up the local coffee house too many times. Here’s a quick tip on handling teeth when retouching. It’s not always coffee and cigarettes; digital photos seem to especially suffer from bad color casts. By the way, this also applies to the whites of the eyes.

The original has a nice soft warm light, but this has a subtle undesireable effect on teeth.

Handle this by lowering the saturation of the teeth and lighten them slightly.

Photoshop has a tool for desaturating and dodging (brightening) that can spot treat the teeth.

Watch out for overdoing the brightening. You’ll wind up creating the unnatural impression that the person is actually a superhero with the ability to focus the sun’s rays into a powerful evil-stopping laser.

Ad Absurdum!

Pepsodent: She’s Everybody’s Baby-Sitter… But NOBODY’S Baby!

Circa 1950

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Typical story. Girl loses boy (despite regular hygiene), girl gets advice from children, medical professional makes a pitch, girl uses recommended product once, girl gets boy back and birds sing a jingle.

Wow! What was she “brushing and brushing” with before; tar and sand?

Well, who knows! Earlier oral hygiene solutions have included: drinking goats’ milk for “sweet breath;” picking bones out of wolf droppings and wearing them as jewelry or washing teeth in tortoise blood, both to prevent toothaches; using the ashes from burnt mice heads or ox heels for gum care; and, of course, old urine, you know, for mouthwash.

And toothpaste recipes have called for such ingredients as: charcoal, salt, honey, strawberries, burnt bread, and dragon’s blood.

Gee Whillickers!

Conspicuous Consumption

What else can be done to boost product sales, besides good marketing? How about getting the consumer to use more of it.

Nearly 40 years ago, an enterprising young man traveled from Los Angeles to Cincinnati, Ohio, home to toothpaste maker/marketer Procter & Gamble. He carried with him a contract which stipulated that P&G would pay him the sum of $100,000 if they agreed that his idea would increase sales of toothpaste by at least 10 percent.

Since P&G had nothing to lose, they signed the contract. He then spoke four words: “Make the opening bigger,” and walked away $100,000 richer!

Inspired Ideas!

Say Cheese

2001: Sonicare electronic toothbrush ad has fun by showing how bright its users can get their teeth—the camera’s flash reflected in their smiles.

Agency: Dentsu (Japan)

2004: Orbit chewing gum. In Europe, this ad was honored with an award and was a finalist in major creative awards organizations.

Agency: Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO (Great Britain)