Gee Whillickers!

Absolut Design

Andy Warhol was among a group of preeminent artists enlisted by Absolut to create a series of innovative print ads for their famed vodka. Warhol was later asked why, given that he himself was not a drinker, he had endorsed Absolut’s product.

His explanation? He, too, used Absolut Vodka…as a cologne!

Gosh, That’s Handy!

Stock Photo Resources

Here’s a list of some of the larger stock photo resources available online. You can search or browse through their catalogs and download watermarked comp (complimentary) images for rough designs so you can know before you commit to an expensive purchase. You can even save images in wish lists and, of course, purchase photo CDs or single images for immediate download.

Getty Images –
Creatas –
Corbis –
Image State –
Punch Stock –
Artville –

WARNING: When searching for stock photos and art, remember that “premium” or “rights protected” means they are NOT royalty-free and will be more expensive. These prices are normally quoted, as the photographer will be paid royalties based on the number of impressions and prominence. So, before you build a comp image into a design or marketing campaign, make sure you know how much it’s going to cost for your usage.


Kerning & Tracking

No, we’re not talking about a popular fruit drink or a woodsman’s craft of interpreting animal trails and droppings.

Both “kerning” and “tracking” have to do with the spacing between letters. Kerning refers to the spacing between any two given type characters, and tracking refers to the amount of space between all letters in a group of words.

Why is this important? While most fonts do a good job with their built-in letter-spacing specifications, sometimes adjustments need to be made for better readability in text or a more visually pleasing balance in logos and headlines. Or, to avoid saying something else altogether….

Here you can see that the font isn’t necessarily awful for this Megaflicks sign, but its kerning is mega-scandalous!