This Just In…

Interactive PDFs! Where do I sign?

Finally! A Portable Document File (.PDF) that works like a website, with convenient links from a home page directory or index. The perfect electronic presentation for catalogs, manuals, brochures and product displays. Look out, PowerPoint! Papa’s got a brand-new bag.

  • Universal compatibility.
  • Small file sizes.
  • All-in-one-file simplicity.
  • True portability.
  • What more could you ask for?

Gee Whillickers!

Amazonian PR

In July 1994, the very media savvy e-tailing tycoon Jeff Bezos founded online bookseller in a garage…

…only so that he could later claim that it had started out in one!

Pulitzer Surprize!

Joseph Pulitzer, like many media magnates, was more than mildly megalomaniacal. He not only believed that The World (his newspaper) “should be more powerful than the president,” he also thought it might influence the inhabitants of distant planets.

He once contemplated erecting a World ad in New Jersey which would be visible from Mars. He was only dissuaded when someone asked a probing question: “What language shall we print it in?”