Lunch Meat Fun Pack: April Fools

Posted April 29, 2015, under Lunch Meat Fun Pack

This month we covered some ways that unsavory folks might try to play you for a fool and part you from your money. Knowledge is power in these situations, so we hope these articles help you or others avoid the depredations of such vultures.

Fool Me Once

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“Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) is a constantly changing part of Internet services. There was a time when the best possible …

Fool Me Twice

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We really enjoyed the TNT show Leverage (2008-2012), which featured a team of reformed (-ish) criminals who used their various …

Acting the Fool

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Talking about sleazy businesses and scams can be kind of a downer, so we decided it was time for comic …

We Actually Did Get Fooled Twice

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Last year we didn’t realize that April afforded us more than the usual number of Wednesdays, until the deadline loomed …