Lunch Meat Fun Pack: Christmas 2014

Posted December 31, 2014, under Lunch Meat Fun Pack

At the end of the year, most folks naturally look back on the year and assess. But we do that every month. Like now, with our retrospective of December’s Lunch Meats, for your reading pleasure.

We’re looking forward to another year of serving you the best Lunch Meats possible — and more importantly, helping you achieve new heights of prosperity through effective promotion and marketing.

Looking a LOT Like Christmas

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Of all the holidays, Christmas may be the one that inspires the most grandiose advertising stunts. While one could view …

Again with the Boughs of Holly

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Holidays are celebrations of specific things, so sometimes coming up with a unique way to advertise during the holiday season …

Here Comes Santa Claus

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Nothing says Christmas like Santa Claus, right? I mean, here is the spokescritter that ties it all together for the …

Happy Chanukawanzaamas

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Let’s not pretend: We know it’s almost Christmas. If you’re even at work, you’re either not really “at work,” or …