Lunch Meat Fun Pack: Halloween 2015

Posted October 28, 2015, under Lunch Meat Fun Pack

This month we talked about the terrifying ease with which even seasoned professionals can find themselves rightfully pilloried online – for anything from ill-considered jokes, to actual criminal activity. Then, because that’s pretty heavy fare, we finished with a much lighter, but still disastrous, dessert.

Twitter Terror

Posted in Gosh, That's Handy!

If you ever wondered what telepathy would be like in real life, Twitter might be your answer. Designed to be …

Bone-Chilling Brand Blunders

Posted in Ad Absurdum

Between the Internet giving everyone a voice and increased regulatory attention, it is easier than ever to effectively call attention …

Lighter Disasters

Posted in Gee Whillickers!

So, the last few Lunch Meats have actually been pretty grim, despite our being able to wring a few jokes …