Lunch Meat Fun Pack: Retrospectives

Posted September 30, 2015, under Lunch Meat Fun Pack

We’re now in the weirdly recursive position of recapping a month of retrospective articles.

This month we took a look back: To the origins of Google’s logo (and the company itself); to one of the most enduring and successful ad campaigns in Western history; and finally to one of the most bizarre spokescritters in Eastern history.

A Look Back: The Google Logo

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Google is famous for having fun with its logo: Their “Google Doodles” are the source of much Internet joy. But …

Retrospectives: Burma-Shave

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From banner ads to literal banners at sporting events, TV spots to product placement in movies, and so much more …

The Spokescritter That Time Forgot! …Almost

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There are few better examples of extreme cultural differences than Japan vs. the Western world. While it’s entirely possible for …