Lunch Meat Fun Pack: World Edition

Posted November 25, 2014, under Lunch Meat Fun Pack

This month we took a look at how advertising and products can be different in other parts of the world. Collected here for your reading convenience and enjoyment.

PS: From all of us at Rigney Graphics, best wishes for a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

Famous Faces

Posted in Spokescritters

In most professions, one is expected to “pay dues” and “work their way up.” It’s no different for acting. Sure, …

The Vizzini Effect

Posted in Ad Absurdum

For anyone who needs a reminder, “Vizzini” was the guy in The Princess Bride (1987) whose “inconceivable” verbal tic lead …

Not Available in All Areas

Posted in Gee Whillickers!

There’s no denying that there are a lot of great products and services to be had in the United States. …