Lunch Meat ‘Reading Is Fun’ Pack

Posted July 29, 2015, under Lunch Meat Fun Pack

This month we focused on the unique ways that books and reading are advertised – and rightly so, because the cultural and personal impact of books can’t be overstated. Your book could be part of that impact — and we’re here to help.

A Book by Its Cover

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Books are easier to publish than ever. On-demand printing, the rise of the e-reader and tablet, and basic word processing …

A Literacy Interpretation

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There is another way that books are advertised besides plastering their covers everywhere: the more general American Library Association “READ” …

A Quick Self-Publishing Primer

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In this month’s first Lunch Meat, we talked about ebooks and self-publishing, as a lead-in to talking about book covers. …


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Last week was long on the wordy and short on the funny, so we thought we’d close out July with …