Design Trends: Fancy vs. Flat Part III

Posted August 7, 2013, under Spokescritters

You don’t need to go to the big city or a museum to see examples of the Fancy to Flat cycle of interfaces and art. Examples are no further than your kitchen! Provided your kitchen still has food stores from the Atomic Age. Just… just go with it.

Spokescritters have endured a great deal of airbrushing – and later, 3D rendering – in an effort to keep their appearance contemporary. Given they’re still evolving in complexity, it seems the food giants are lagging a bit behind the rest of the design world.

M&Ms, 1963 to present.

Tony the Tiger, 1951 to present.

A bit of trivia: The present Frosted Flakes mascot is actually Tony Jr. The job of fostering diabetes in American children was handed down around the turn of the century.

Doing It Wrong

Sometimes these efforts take a creepy detour toward the Uncanny Valley, like Mr. Peanut’s 2010 makeover.

In cases like this, we can’t help but hope that they catch up to the trend and go back to “flat,” soonish.

Wondering how that hat could possibly stay on Mr. Peanut’s head blithely sidesteps the graver implications of a giant, sentient legume.